40th Year Reunion
October 14-15, 2016

Take a look at who came

Our 40th was a two-day event with a Friday night banquet at the Waikiki Elks Club, a Saturday morning tour of Kaiser High and a Saturday afternoon pool party at the Mariner's Village III Clubhouse. 64 classmates enjoyed the festivities with the reunion regulars joined by Emi Cui, Michael Gunderson, Tandi Joyce Kowalski, Rayan Kamaiopili Carvalho, Eddine Kauhi, Michael Marohn, Sharon Nomura and Tracy Taylor. Everyone was happy to see Mrs. Evelyn Main at the pool party. A big mahalo to Herb and Michelle Schreiner for hosting us at the Elks and Mariner's Village.

Facebook Live Videos

Tony Lopez streamed Facebook Live video during the events. The videos with comments are still viewable on our class Facebook group. You can also view them without comments here.

Reunion Introduction

Our host, Herb Schreiner

Banquet Start

Mark Ragsac starts us off and Tony catches the early arrivals.

Banquet Dinner

Tony bothers folks while they eat and catches some latecomers.

Campus Tour—Stadium

Start of the campus tour lead by VP Dana Takahara-Diaz.

Campus Tour—Athletic Facilities

New girl's locker room, tennis courts, wrestling room

Campus Tour—E Building

Gym, infamous E Building, cafeteria

Campus Tour—Archeology

Maka shows our legacy in stone

Campus Tour—Graffiti

More '76 vandalism captured in concrete

Pool Party

Mrs. Main and more

Pool Party Grinds

Plenty of ono kaukau! Never let Tony forget that he misidentified poi as refried beans.

Pool Party Photo

The making of a class photo

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