Mrs. Evelyn Evangelista

Evangelista memorial

Mrs. Evelyn Evangelista passed away on June 28, 2018 at the age of 73. Our former class advisor had a temper that we quickly learned not to test in the classroom, but she will be remembered as a very caring and supportive teacher. A few of us saw her last year at Mr. Main's funeral. She looked good then and remembered our names. Mrs. Main said that she died of a heart attack shortly after returning from a trip to Las Vegas. Mrs. Main also said that Evang often shared fond memories of our class with her. She taught for 41 years at Kaiser and Pearl City High. Mrs. Evangelista is survived by her husband, son, two daughters and nine grandchildren.

Scott Chan Aloha Stadium Manager

Scott Chan at Aloha Stadium

Scott Chan, our All-State Cougar quarterback, recalls the September 1975 day when he first entered the brand new Aloha Stadium in a Honolulu Star Advertiser article about his tenure as the stadium manager. Scott has worked at the stadium for almost 25 years where he has the unenviable responsibility of keeping the aging facility operational. [Read the article]

Ken Weir's Family Laulau

Ken Weir and mom

Ken "Butchie" Weir and his mom were featured in a Honolulu Star Advertiser article about his family laulau making tradition. Ken is the executive chef at the student dining hall at HPU's Aloha Tower campus. Ken estimates that he has cooked more than a million laulau over his lifetime. [Read the article]

Michael Marohn

Michael Marohn passed away on November 15, 2017, a little over a year after we saw him at our 40th reunion. We are glad that we had a chance to catch up with him then.

Michael Marohn

Several classmates shared a few words about Mike on Facebook. Chris Raines said, "It's a long and winding road we live, where the many people we meet become a part of the tapestry that ends up a reflection of our life. When I knew Mike Marohn best, he was a big, strong kid in High School. I have this vivid memory of him walking across campus, barefoot, pants too short, and carrying a notebook of some sort. He's smiling, long hair blowing in the wind. Looks like he is headed out to go surfing. One of those memories you always have of a person. I met Mike again last year in Hawaii, at our Kaiser High reunion. It was good to see him. We talked about the LA Lakers, his fav basketball team (he told me his dad turned him on to the Lakers). It was great to reconnect. RIP Mike. Condolences to Mike's family."

Tony Lopez added, "Rest in Peace brah. Lots of great times back in the day. I didn't realize until today that I was in your cover photo. Thanks for that. From great times at Kaiser in Hawaii when we were so young. Life is too short."

Tim Lopes shared this photo from the reunion along with his thoughts.

Michael Marohn with Tim Lopes and Calvin Witter

"I'm completely in shock. One of the toughest guys I've ever known. Mike and I had our differences in high school. Unfortunately it took 40 years to find out that we had more in common than we didn't. R.I.P. I know you are in a better place."

Last updated 07/30/2018